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Wind Power


     Minnesota law passed the legislature in 2007 and was signed by Governor Pawlenty mandating that electric utilities in the state generate or procure, by 2025, 25% of their retail electric sales from renewable sources, which includes solar, wind, hydroelectric, hydrogen, biomass, and refuse-derived fuel (garbage). Crow Wing Power's wholesale energy providers are well on their way to reaching that goal and currently has a mix of renewables in their portfolio. In addition, our members have an opportunity to purchase wind power voluntarily.

     Your cooperative's wind energy comes from regional sources - mostly wind farms in southwestern Minnesota, one of only a handful of places in the nation where wind-generation is feasible.

The Power to Choose

     By selecting part of your power through Crow Wing Power's Green Power program, you can make a difference in today's world. You’ll be choosing to participate in a program that can lead to a cleaner world for future generations; to help preserve our nation's non-renewable energy sources, like coal and other fossil fuels currently used to produce electricity; and to help spur further development of wind energy and other renewable energy sources. Currently we have nearly 900 members enrolled in our greenpower program purchasing 491,000 kWhs each month of wind-generated electricity. That's enough electricity to power over 580 homes!

What is the cost of wind energy?

     Wind energy is available in 100-kilowatt-hour blocks (a typical home uses 800 to 900 kilo-watt- hours per month). You choose how many blocks you would like to purchase — from as little as one block to as much as your total electrical use. The cost is 40 cents over and above the cost of normal electricity for each 100 kWh block. The amount of wind energy you choose, as well as the fee, will be noted on your electric bill each month.  Our Billing Department can assist you with purchasing wind energy.

Why is there an added charge for wind energy?

     At this time, the costs of research and development for wind energy are higher than most other sources of power. Also, when the wind is not blowing, the turbines are idle. That requires constructing duplicate generators using coal or other fossil fuels to provide 100% reliability. However, we believe our members understand that selecting wind energy is a worthwhile choice.

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