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Electric Safety Warning for Poke’man Go Players

Crow Wing Power and other electric utilities are warning Pokeman Go players to please stay away from any electric substations and other utility equipment. This new smartphone game has caught on quickly that sends players to catch a Pokeman in real world areas.
Pokeman can show up anywhere . . . grocery stores, parking lots, middle of nowhere and we have learned, even our substations. We have no control of where they potentially could be, so safety for these players is a big concern.

Electrical equipment is very dangerous and should not be considered gaming locations. Electric utilities urge gamers, and the public to stay away from substations, all power lines and equipment on utility poles and underground electrical facilities commonly identifiable as those green boxes in neighborhood yards.

Remember these important electrical safety tips from Crow Wing Power as you try to #CatchEmAll:

  • Never attempt to enter substations, go over a fence or climb utility poles to try and reach transformers. Serious injury or death can occur.
  • Never touch a downed power line. 
  • Assume all lines are energized and dangerous.


If you see activity where a person is trying to get into a substation or climb an electrical pole, you are encouraged to call 9-1-1 first, and then Crow Wing Power at 1-800-648-9401.

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