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Community Solar Phase I (2017) and Phase II (2018)


Solar Phase II - Are You Interested in Subscribing to a second Community Solar Project?

Crow Wing Power has now built and commissioned our second Community Solar Array or Phase II.  It's located at the Swanburg Outpost east of Pine River.  Would you be interested in purchasing and being a co-owner with other Cooperative members at $1,300/share?  Members have the option for the following:

  • 1/2 share
  • 1 share
  • 3 or more shares
  • or finance the $1,300 over twenty years at $7.50/month.


Specifications for the 2018 project.

Array Size:
50.47 KW DC – 39.9 KW AC
3,000 square feet
Average Predicted Annual Energy Production:
55,000 kWhs
Enough to supply five homes
Solar Panel Manufacturer:
Solar World, made in the US

Solar Panel Installer:

Viking Electric In. out of Spring Grove MN
Cell Type:
Panel Size:
38" X 78"
Number of Panels:
Average Annual kWh projected per share:

PHASE II Questions and Answers:

QWhere will the second Community Solar Array be built and how large is it?
A. The second Community Solar Array is located at our Swanburg Oupost, as there is plenty of room and no tree clearing was needed. Those facilities are along Hwy 1 west of  Pine River.

Q Why would Crow Wing Power be involved in building and selling shares in a community solar array, when renewable energy costs more than traditional electricity?
A. We did extensive surveys of our members in 2016 and found a substantial amount of support from a select group of members that were very committed to solar energy and said they would pay additional money to be a part of a green project such as this.

Q How much energy is the solar array anticipated to produce?
A. The anticipated output is 450 to 500 kWhs/year per share. There are 111 shares total. As a point of reference, an average household uses 10,080 kWhs /year of electricity.

Q What monthly credit can a member anticipate receiving for the output produced by a community solar share?
A.  Participants will receive a bill credit for the amount of solar energy their subscription produces (Current calculations show that to be approximately $4.00/month to $4.50/month.)

Q What is the cost of purchasing a share and what does that cover?      
A.  Subscription cost of one share is $1300. Crow Wing Power will take care of maintenance and insurance. The contract is for 20 years. Payback depends on the future price of electricity and solar energy produced.

QCan I buy a one-half share or more than one share of the community solar array?
A. You can purchase from one-half share up to, but not to exceed, your annual kWh use. Maximum shares will be determined by comparing the estimated annual output of the solar share(s) the the annual General Service use historically consumed at the service address. (An average member uses 10,080 kWhs/year in electricity.)

Q What do I do next to subscribe to a share or shares in the solar array project?
A.  Members who wish to participate must call our customer service department at 1-800-648-9401. Our representatives can help members decide how much to purchase and send members a contract to review before enrolling.

Monitor the solar production by using the quick link at the top right of this page. Solar Phase I was built in 2017 and Solar Phase II was commissioned in June!



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